Toby the Tabby was an adorable kitten,
With a medley of hues like a grey woolen mitten.

When Toby was young he had been sad,
He lost his mom and didn’t know his dad.

He walked up and down the streets he called home,
Exploring backyards where he’d scamper and roam.

There were birds and squirrels to chase up trees
And plentiful gardens with colorful leaves.

The block was all his and he did as he pleased
But he often wished that his troubles would ease.

There were times it was cold and his belly would growl
And he couldn’t get warm or his food was quite foul.

One day he went in search of something new,
And that’s when he found a small family of two.

A man and a woman in a small cozy house
Who gave him a bed and a little toy mouse.

After that day his life was a breeze
His belly was full and he had no more fleas.

He played on the stairs and would hide under chairs
Kneading on pillows and stuffed teddy bears.

He loved to give love every way he knew how,
Snuggling his family with a purring meow.

There were times he would stay asleep all day
Then at night run around the house and play.

Sometimes he would sit on the floor like the Sphinx
Or take a bath in one of the bathroom sinks.

Day in and day out his life was now blessed
A perfect change after it had started so stressed.

He was so happy he found a house full of love
That he didn’t even miss being in the trees high above.

And every night after they lay down in bed
Toby would curl up and lick daddy’s head.

But Toby’s adventures were just starting out
Can you guess what his next one will be about?