Locke & Key

Gothic stories and fairytales have long attracted a wide range of admirers, Locke & Key is like both rolled into one giving kids, teens, and adults all something to get addicted to. This show is based on the best-selling graphic novel by Joe Hill and centers around the three Locke children. After the murder of their father, their mother moves them across the country to a house that had been in their father’s family for generations. Once there, they discover their large family home holds even larger family secrets when they discover magical keys which prove to be both a blessing and a curse.

Julie and the Phantoms

I have three kids and I will listen to the soundtrack to this show when I’m alone in the car. This show, as many on this list, is full of nostalgia for anyone raised in the 90s era. While cleaning out her mom’s old music studio, Julie inadvertently summons the ghosts of three musicians from a 90s rock band. This show is a reimaging of 90s sitcoms like Full House and Fresh Prince where it deals with real problems while remaining wholesome. I am still mad Netflix canceled this one.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs

Magic, mystery, and sci-fi combine in this adventurous series on Disney+. Like many stories, this one starts with a young boy whose family buys an abandoned hotel is a small Louisana town. On his first day at his new school, he befriends a girl named Harper. The two become inseparable after they uncover the secrets and mysteries that lurk in the hotel. This show gives the illusion of magic just below the surface of the normal world waiting to be discovered.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is how I picture the gaggle of kids in a Stephen King novel, but when kids watch, they liken it to the superhero genre. Strangers Things is based in the 80s and feeds into the social influx of distrust of government which culminated at that time. This show is not the kind all kids will like and it will scare some, but a majority seem to love it.


Ghosts is a wholesome sitcom with a twist since most of the cast is dead. After the death of a distant relative, a young woman inherits an out-of-commission bed and breakfast. Not only is the house haunted, but after an accident, the young woman can see and interact with the ghosts but her husband cannot. This show is a light, fun, comedy which can help ease the fear of death many kids get at some point in their childhood.

Raising Dion

Every kid at one point has wanted to be a superhero, whether they yearn for courage, superpowers, fame, or cool toys — there is a superhero for everyone. Raising Dion, on Netflix, is about a young boy who discovers he has superpowers, but the unique twist is that this story is mostly written from the mother’s point of view which engages parents as much as superheroes do for kids.